Thursday, August 3, 2017

All County Details

Whoohoo, all the details have been finalized!  We are super excited to see how well our Sea Dragons will do against all the swimmers in the County!  When you committed to swimming all county, the Sea Dragons were committed number of workers required. We must fulfill all worker spots for all no-shows which means double shifts for Wentzville workers.   This meet runs very fast and swimmers will be back to the bullpen right after they finish an event.  I expect the meet to be finished by Noon!

When:  Saturday August 5th (Morning Session) 
6:00 am – Rec Plex doors open
6:30 am – Call teams for warm ups
7:00 am – End warm ups and have swimmers gather on pool deck
7:10 am – Team Roll Call
7:20 am – Call all workers to their positions. Call all timers 1st/2nd half for timer    meeting
7:30 am – Start meet
Varying time – Call 2nd half workers at beginning event #11(North Pool) & #39(South Pool). Take 5-10 minute break to get 2nd half workers into position

Where:  Rec-Plex Pool in St. Peters

Check-In:  Upon arrival, please find the Sea Dragon Check-In the lobby of the Rec-Plex. You'll receive your swimmers shirt and worker sticker.  Then you can make your way to the bleachers above the pool.    Link to Worker Assignments

Heat Sheets:  There are not heat cards for All County like in regular season.  Below are the heat sheets which you can find your swimmer with event/heat/lane.  There will not be any heat sheets available at the meet.  You are welcome to print them out at home. IMPORTANT:  Write your swimmer's events, heats and lanes on the swimmer's arm as this will make the bullpen run smoothly. 
Click for North Pool Afternoon Session Heat Sheets Ages 10 & Under
Click for South Pool Afternoon Session Heat Sheets Ages 11 & Up

Relays:  Click for Relay Assignments

Couple of Extra Details:  

  • Only swimmers, coaches and active volunteers will have access to the pool deck on Saturday. Parents will not be allowed to accompany their swimmers to the bullpen.
  • 1st half workers will be called down immediately following the warm-ups. 
  • There will be a 5-10 minute break between the 1st and 2nd half to give 2nd half workers plenty of time to get into position. The announcer will give a first call for 2nd half workers a few minutes before the break but please note that the 2nd half start time may vary between the two pools as they will run at different speeds. Therefore, workers will need to pay attention to which pool's workers are being called for.
  • If you have a 2nd half security position (stairs or poolside) or announcer they will report to their position when the 2nd half workers for the SOUTH pool are called. 
  • Please also note that if you have any relief/backup workers they can be called for 1st OR 2nd half in morning session.
All County Worker Descriptions:

Stroke Judges (must be Certified):  Make sure all strokes are performed in accordance with League rules and that violations are disqualified.  The stroke judges must be certified according to league guidelines.
Starters:  Coordinate race times with the other pool while watching timers to make sure all lanes and swimmers are ready, and announce race starts.
Heat Sheet Checkers:  Back up the Starters.  Make sure events and heats are each called in order and that lanes and timers appear ready prior to announcement of each heat. North pool heat sheet checker will also write event number on white board for announcer to see.
Bull PenBleachers Coordinate swimmers for individual events and relays 
Bull Pen: Blocks Escort swimmers to blocks before the start of each race.
Heat Awards: Make sure the fastest swimmer in each heat is awarded a prize.
Runners:  After Timers record times, get each time sheet to the computer room for Data Entry.
Hospitality:  Distribute water to workers.
Security (Stairs and poolside):  Keep pool deck clear of obstacles, including parents that are not working.  Make sure Runners have a clear path. Keep unauthorized spectators off of the pool deck.
Data Entry/Time Sheet Sorter: Sort time sheets according to event number, identify middle time and enter times in the computer.
Timers:  Check swimmer names for each lane and heat, time the races and record times on time sheet.
Announcer:  Announces teams, makes general announcements, calls events for bullpen.

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